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Babar Azam denied reports that he had purchased wedding sherwani and jewellery while in India.

istani cricketer Babar Azam’s agency has dismissed reports that he went on a shopping spree during his trip to India for the World Cup 2023. The reports claimed that he purchased jewellery and clothes, including a designer sherwani for 700,000 Indian rupees. The agency’s issued statement claims the reports as “utterly false” and asked media outlets to be more diligent with fact-checking before reporting. They noted that the news of the shopping spree came as a surprise to Babar Azam.

Pakistan athletes in India generally pass a lot of their days confined to the hotel rooms unless there is extensive security to accompany them outside.

Recently, team leader Mickey Arthur referred to the extreme protection his players experience in the World Cup in India as “oppressively tight,” leaving his team to feel as if they are “back to when Covid first began.” Already, a few Pakistani players have gone through a fever and cough during distinct points of the tournament, a condition which fast bowler Hasan Ali credited to “staying in the room too long.” This is the first period Pakistan have taken part in a championship in India since 2016.



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