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Babar Azam gave Fakhar Zaman guidance that ultimately led Pakistan to beat New Zealand.

acth, we will have a chance to stay alive. I told Fakhar Zaman they would have victory if he stayed at the wicket for 15 overs and thankfully, he did it and we won,” Babar Azam stated. Babar Azam expressed that the team believed they could win when they went out to bat and passed the message around the dressing room to build one successful partnership. He said they were aware of the rain but did not expect it to be too heavy.

He instructed Fakhar Zaman to get as much strike as possible to make use of the short boundaries on the field. He also emphasized that if they won their next match, they can keep their World Cup hopes alive. He then admitted that he told Fakhar that if he remained at the crease for 15 overs, they would see victory, which was the case in today’s match. cellently today.”

Zaman remarked that they had planned to take it one match at a time and try to be positive, noting that he was lucky on a few occasions throughout the innings.

“Everyone on the team was striving for a high score, so our strategy was to be aggressive. This is one of my best centuries, although I will always remember my 193 against South Africa. When talking about the Pakistani team’s hopes for the World Cup, he said that they were praying that it would not have to be restarted. He concluded that they wanted to maintain their aggressive approach for future games. The team performed exceptionally, giving themselves every opportunity to succeed and they achieved their goal. Zaman played wonderfully, and they rightfully earned the victory.

Now it is time to face our next challenge.



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