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Shahid Afridi commented on Fakhar Zaman’s remarkable batting performance.

Shahid Afridi congratulated Fakhar Zaman on leading Pakistan to victory in the World Cup, celebrating the Green Shirts win. He encouraged the top-order batter to keep playing according to his strengths, regardless of the outcome, and to become a permanent contributor to the team’s success. “Pakistan’s nation is proud of you – become a permanent match winner so we won’t be defeated,” Afridi said, adding congratulations to the Pakistan team and wishing that their hope for the World Cup of 2023 would not be in vain.

We planned to take it slow for the earliest overs of the game; I had some fortunate moments where I had fun with my batting. We recognized that every match is make or break, as Fakhar reported after the contest. The coaching staff determined that we should have a more direct approach while playing, and every individual was trying to acquire even more points.



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