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Teammates of Virat Kohli offered him admiration and praise on his 35th birthday.

) on Nov 5, 2023 shows Shubman Gills, who plays alongside Kohli in the Indian batting line-up, expressing his admiration for the Indian skipper. Gills referred to Virat’s unparalleled hunger and passion for cricket, calling him an “unbelievable” force on the grounds. On Virat Kohli’s 35th birthday, teammate Shubman Gills praised the cricketer, citing his “unparalleled” hunger and passion for the sport. Gills stated that Kohli is an “unbelievable” force on the playing field, demonstrating his discipline and prowess as an elite batter.

s (Virat Kohli) very passionate about the game and I think it’s the passion that drives him – and the way he´s changed the entire attitude of the Indian fans towards the game, I think that deserves a lot of respect,” he said. Shubman Gill remarked on the unparalleled hunger and passion Jasprit Bumrah puts into the sport. The pacer also acknowledged Virat Kohli’s dedication after playing the game for so many years. Meanwhile, Hardik Pandya takes inspiration from Kohli’s fitness culture, bond, and presence in the game.

Lastly, Ravichandran Ashwin credited the cricketer for altering the way Indian fans view the game. Ravichandran Ashwin remarked that Virat Kohli has revolutionised the thinking around Indian cricket by changing how one batsman needs to approach the game. Rahul Dravid, India’s head coach, praised Kohli for his outstanding performances in One Day Internationals, calling him a “legend” and saying he has set the bar high for other cricketing players of this generation.



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