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Deshaun Watson’s significant other has responded to critics by proudly showing off their relationship through social media posts.

orter throws. Nevertheless, a solid comeback in the second half doubtless has his girlfriend Jilly Anais to thank for her proud boastful words of support. Tuesday, November 07, 2023 saw Deshaun Watson of the Cleveland Browns play an outstanding game against the Arizona Cardinals. His triumph was due in part to the defence’s stand-out performance which lessened the pressure on him due to his rotator cuff injury. His girlfriend, Jilly Anais, celebrated his success on social media for her proud support of Watson throughout the showdown with the Cardinals.

The Browns won the Week 9 match-up with a 27-0 result, according to Marca, showing that he made a successful return from his injury. Anais took advantage of the Browns’ 5-3 win to stand up for her boyfriend, displaying clips from his touchdowns to emphasize the team’s victory. Moreover, she shared photos of her and her dad celebrating at the game and wrote “came to slay…I mean play,” whilst wearing an all-black Chanel outfit. She captioned her Instagram Story with “that’s my quarterback. Respect HIM because he’s really like that. You see the score! Touchdown after touchdown!

We gone talk about shi* that’s fashoooo.”



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