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Pakistan’s lack of Naseem Shah has been a source of distress for the country’s cricket team. The former Indian cricketer is greatly missed.

ace.”, he said. He added that Pakistan had high expectations for Naseem Shah, who could’ve been a great asset to their bowling attack, but his absence proved to be costly. hich could be the winning factor,” Tiwary concluded. Manoj Tiwary highlighted the importance of Naseem Shah for Pakistan, noting how his absence had proven very costly. He said Shaheen Afridi was facing challenges due to the unsuitable length for Indian conditions, and advised Babar Azam to become a more proactive captain, adapting as the game progresses.

Tiwary proposed that the captain needs to be capable of shifting strategies based on the match situation and be willing to adjust his plans if needed, as it could be the difference between winning and losing. drastic change in government policies in both countries”. Manoj Tiwary believes that if the same Pakistan team had MS Dhoni as their leader, they would be on a winning streak.

He also complimented Babar Azam, claiming that he is extremely talented and consistent, and should not be blamed for his team’s losses, as he has the potential to be one of the greatest batsmen, comparable to Sachin Tendulkar and Rohit Sharma. Tiwary gave credit to the Indian bowling attack, citing their dedication to coaching and biomechanical knowledge as the primary causes of their success. In addition, he suggested that Shardul Thakur should be added to the team in case of any potential struggles during the knockout stages.

Finally, he doubted the possibility of a cricket series between India and Pakistan, until there is a dramatic policy change in both countries. I would love for cricket rivalries between India and Pakistan to be mended, but this hinges on the government-level adjustments that have to be implemented. I had an excellent experience with Pakistani players in the Indian Premier League before – we became fast friends. Although there are some people that are in opposition of a face-off between India and Pakistan in cricket, I firmly believe that true cricket fans would support the friendly rivalry.

We must stay positive with respect to Pakistan’s chances of making it to the last four of the World Cup – nothing is impossible. If they see such success, it would be an historical moment celebrating a match between these two nations.



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