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Tiger Woods happily carried the golf bag of his son Charlie at the Notah Begay III Junior Golf Championship.

able limp was an encouraging sign in his road to recovery. On November 7 of 2023, Tiger Woods made a heartening appearance as a caddy for his fourteen-year-old son, Charlie, at the Notah Begay III Junior Golf Championship in Louisiana. There was no visible sign of a limp in the Playing Through on X video as the golf icon accompanied Charlie and held his golf bag. Just before the final round, Charlie was 5-over par, tied for 23rd place. This came shortly following their September venture together, where Tiger assisted his son into the championship.

Both father and son could be seen happily spending quality time on the golf course. This edition of the two’s golfing experience proved that Woods is continuing to progress in his path of rehabilitation. for a strong sense of physical readiness and a limp-free golf swing in the near future. Tiger Woods’ reduced amount of limping is a positive development, especially considering the athlete’s recent health tribulations. Over six months ago, Tiger was forced to leave the Masters tournament before the final round due to a re-aggravation of his plantar fasciitis.

This compelled him to get surgery to deal with his arthritic leg issues. Since then, Woods has suffered from unending leg suffering resulting from the car crash he encountered in February 2021. He has candidly spoken about his ordeals, sharing that the leg soreness is “steady” and admitting to uneasiness following the first round of the Masters. In any case, there are signs that suggest Woods is making ready for his professional golf comeback. Pro golfer Stewart Cink recently noticed that Tiger had started doing practice swings, demonstrating his preparedness for a big event.

Although it is yet to be seen what his eventual comeback will entail, golf aficionados and ardent devotees of Tiger are eagerly awaiting his next move, expecting him to hit the course with no sign of difficulty and a limp-free swing. He is ready for a victorious comeback to the game he has been dominating for a long time.



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