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The Sri Lankan Cricket Administration was removed following their disgraceful loss in the World Cup to India.

the nation’s embarrassing loss at the World Cup. Ranasinghe has stated that this new board will be responsible for making recommendations on future actions to be taken in regards to better performance on the field. Mohan de Silva’s resignation is seen to be a step taken with the aim of reviving the tarnished image of Sri Lankan cricket. This was prompted by the demand of Ranasinghe after the nation was humiliatingly beaten by India with a 302-run margin, which led to public outrage and police presence at the SLC building in Colombo.

Ranasinghe claimed that the board members are unfaithful and dishonest and hence do not have any ethical or moral justification to hold office. The Sri Lankan team is scheduled to face Bangladesh on Monday, but they require a minor miracle in order to advance to the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Ranasinghe sought help and backing from the international Cricket Council, mentioning their policy against political influence. . Ranasinghe expressed his concern over the various reports of disciplinary issues, managerial misconduct, financial impropriety, and match-fixing allegations surrounding Sri Lanka Cricket.

He felt compelled to remove a three-member panel he had put in place last month to look into the case of corruption at the board, having realized the ICC considered it to be politically meddling. In addition, the minister blamed the board for the decline in performance since Sri Lanka was the world champions in 1996, with Prasanna Ranatunga claims that the great victory brought “the greatest curse to their cricket”. As a result, a great deal of money began to arrive at the board and unintentionally, those who desired to exploit it followed suit.

In 2019, Harin Fernando, a former sports minister, declared that Sri Lanka was among the most corrupt cricketing nations in the world and consequently imposed severe anti-corruption laws.



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