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Angelo Mathews became the first player to be dismissed for timed-out at the World Cup 2023.

umpires may find themselves in the unfortunate situation of a timeout being enforced if a batter is dismissed and the new player fails to arrive at the crease within two minutes of the fall of a wicket.Angelo Mathews was the first to experience this consequence, in the Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka match at the ICC World Cup 2023. After his dismissal, when he was attempting to take strike, his helmet strap broke, causing a delay. As the wait for a new helmet ensued, umpires determined that he had been timed out.

The coaches for both sides wore face masks during practice the day before the game at the Arun Jaitley Stadium. As a precaution, the practice sessions were cancelled, and a few Bangladesh players who have asthma were required to stay in their hotel rooms. As per the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Men’s Cricket World Cup rule 40.1.1, the new player must be ready to get the ball, or the other player should be prepared to receive the next ball within two minutes of the the wicket being taken or the batter retiring.

If this does not happen, an appeal can be made for the batter to be disqualified for taking longer than two minutes, known as “timed out”. This was the first instance in international cricket for either men’s or women’s when a player was disqualified in accordance with the “timed out” law.



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